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Driving with a trailer wasn’t that bad as we thought. Our aim was to reach Redding before we call it a night but, with all the packing we had to do for Koi Crafts, we were so tired. I also had my day job to finish as well. By the time we reached Medford, we had to called it a night. The next day evening we continued our trip. Most of the time we used to travel during the night but, this time we got a chance to travel during the day/evening and enjoy some of scenery on the way.

We had a very nice time at The San Diego Koi Show. The stay was at Holiday Inn Express. The days we were there was beautiful, nice sunny weather. The show was very friendly for Koi Crafts because it was an indoor show as it was always in the past. The show location was The Del Mar Fairgrounds. There was a dog show going on in the next building. So it was an added advantage for the vendors. As usual there were a lot of vendors from Koi world and outside. There were 50 tanks and about 350 koi entered for the show. The judges were amazed to see all the koi entered at the show. We were so tired that we couldn’t make it to the banquet. 

Holiday Inn Express at Medford, Oregon.

This was the first time ever we were doing a booth. So everything was new to us. One booth wasn’t enough for us to display all our arts and crafts. We couldn’t display many items at our booth that we thought we could. The first time Koi booth experience was very nice to remember. The Koi Show plates was the attraction to our booth.  But we managed to do business together with our four kids. We made close to what we aimed for.

Thanks to Cody Turtle for bringing our Koi TV® t-shirts to the koi show. It turned out very good. Koi TV® t-shirt was a custom art work that he did for Koi TV® at our request. We have the original of that artwork. We choose four fish to represent our four kids. All the Koi are champions at the past All Japan Koi Shows. Those Kois are all superstars among the koi hobbyists. We also did embroidery Koi Hats. That also turned out very well. Sumi already reserved an embroidery apron which says “I LOVE KOI”. We collect some of the art work we think that we would like to keep.

We were the last ones to leave the show site other than the tear down people. It was all worth it though. We all had a great time and learn a few things or two. Some folks asked if we would do it again? That’s a double yes. There will be changes to some of the things we did and improve our mistakes. Thank you KCSD for putting on a great show and having us as your vendor. Can’t wait for next year’s show. Thanks to all the people who stopped by our booth and bought koi arts and crafts. You just supported our local artists and their talents.

Following are some of the photos taken on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please check back to see more photos from the rest of the trip. I also got a chance to test my new Nikon Lens 24 -70 f 2.8 . I didn’t get a chance to take a lot of koi photos because we were having a booth. Next time I promise, I will have more Koi photos.

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