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Whoever knew it was this hard to haul a trailer around. Oh boy, taking a turn “wow”, it took me a good half hour to get the hang of things. Hey, this was my first time. You know, first time is always special. I don’t know about yours, but mine sure was. Never thought I’ll be doing it but once you get in the loop I think its ok. Truck drivers, “hats off to you.” This is all driving forward now talk about reversing, I’ll just give you the keys and step back. Not in my hands. Promod can do reversing not me, Good Luck honey, and all the very best.

I try to relate to something I’m used to. So this is what I think, trailers are more like a toddlers, if you ask your toddler to come, they’ll run away from you so does trailer. If you want them to stop you got to say the opposite, trailers to turn right you got to turn left. See what I mean. When things get to my head I always say “Life is Beautiful.”

Thank You Steve and Patti Kaufman for giving us all your advices and help to get this show on the road.
By doing this we are helping local artist to promote their creations among the koi hobbyist and may be even attract new members to the hobby.

Please support Koi Crafts and by doing so you are not just helping us but the artist who have put so much time and effort. Thank You.

Hey, don’t forget to say Hello if you see us on the road.

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