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Koi TV® is always about the awareness of Koi. We are always working hard to get the word out of koi to the public. We were amazed how much love and support we got from our beloved koi kichies. We have friends from east to west and north to south. We all speak the same language, love koi.

Koi TV® is proud to announce KOI CRAFTS. Koi Craft is all about artists from all over. We support artist to showcase their talents to the public, where ever we go you’ll see us with the latest creations that our koi artist are providing.


We all have an artist inside us. A good hobbyist is also an artist. Koi TV® has been covering the expense in traveling, hosting videos, etc. This is a new way to support Koi TV® as well as Koi Crafts.

Our grand opening is going to be in California. San Diego koi show has been selected to have our koi crafts, startup location. Come visit us at the booth and let us know your suggestions and opinions. Those of you who been reading our post “love koi” will get you 10% off your next item at the Koi Crafts. So, don’t forget to stop by and support our love towards koi.

San Diego Koi Show, here we come.

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