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Have you ever tried buying koi arts and crafts online? I have and I learned it the hard way that you have to search for so long until you can choose which you really want with the best competing price, that too the selection is very little.

As a koi family and producers of Koi TV®, we have been going to most of the koi shows in the Northwest. We came across a lot of koi lovers in the area. Being a friend also means being there for each other. Among our friends there are few of them who are artistically talented. We want to teach our kids to appreciate art and also introduce them to whole new world. We teach our young ones many things but a few of which we know they’ll cherish forever. Appreciation, Imagination and affection. I believe that these few they have to experience in life, to do that why not start them early.

With this in mind, we came up with Koi Crafts.  Like I said before being a friend also means lending a hand to those in need. Koi Crafts is an online store. In this store we have everything that is koi related. Previous years you have seen many artists attending koi shows no either they have stopped or their situations don’t allow them to continue as much as they did in the past. We joined hands with some of those artist to bring their artworks online. Thank you for your support. On popular demand by Koi Crafts customers, we opened an online store for buying Koi Arts and Crafts online. Hope you will like the new shopping experience.

On Koi Crafts you’ll find anything and everything of koi arts and crafts. We tried to cover all areas such as gifts, awards, trophies, pins, jewelries, plates and other collectables. Koi Crafts online shopping is effective as of mid-August 2013. Our aim is to introduce each item by weekly. We also have been going on these roadshows. Come stop by and see these masterpieces in person. Please follow Koi Crafts Blog for updates about Koi Crafts.

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