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It’s been almost a year since we have blogged. We are expecting our fourth child. We don’t know the gender of the baby yet, but soon we’ll be able to find out. Sumi is due in October. With the pregnancy it was hard to travel and blog. Sorry, hope you will understand.
After the break, we are back again. Since Koi TV® expense comes out of our family budget, it was expensive to keep up with the family and the hobby. But now we have some new ideas which will get us moving forward. Now that Sumi is working full time on Koi TV®, more updates will be published on a regular basis.

Please let us know your comments on how we can improve Koi TV® and make this hobby more appreciating and enjoyable. We hope we will get all your support.

Koi TV® published a new website design almost 3 months ago. Let us know if you like the changes.

Following are some of the new features we added on Koi TV®.

• Koi Series.
• More user friendly design.
• More organized videos.
• Video Search.
• Koi TV® videos now work on all major mobile devices.

•  Introduced new advertisement spaces for supporting businesses that are associated with koi.

Please spread the word and share the video link with your friends and family. There will be further enhancements to the website. We as a technophile, will try to bring modern technology to spread the word of Koi Hobby. Thank you to all our supporters and stay tuned for updates on Koi TV®.

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