All Japan Koi Pond Pull

All Japan Koi Pond Pull

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Our home Koi Club ( ZNA Northwest) meeting was combined with Tony Prew’s (All Japan Koi ) pond pull. Tony was experimenting with a new semi mud/liner Koi Pond this year. He didn’t do a lot of publicity. I had seen that pond when Hoshino San was visiting Portland. When Tony said he is going to put some goshikis in that pond, I asked if he can also put a couple of my goshikis which was staying at one of his facilities. Our home pond is very small that we cannot add any more Koi. We have been renting ponds at many dealer locations and friends place until last month. I didn’t want to take risk by putting the highest quality Koi in the pond that Tony was experimenting. But now I regret that decision.

Tony had secured the area by putting a fence around the pond as well as covering the pond with nylon net. So the chances of loosing koi was minimal. The Ikeage turned out to be very good success for Tony. All of the koi that we pulled on Saturday turned out to be in excellent condition and they also got a very good body confirmation. All the koi that went in to that mud pond was from Koda Koi Farm. I haven’t got a chance to measure the fish and compare the growth. But from what I see, I am fully satisfied with Tony’s Ikeage and I’m willing to do it next year, that is if Tony is doing it again. There were two ponds. He had only used one of it. 

It was exciting to do a pond pull that was very close to our house. There were some members of Northwest Koi and Goldfish club who also got a chance to experience this.

Oregon climate is sometimes comparable with Niigata climate. But we don’t get a lot of snow. That is a big difference compared to Niigata. But Oregon doesn’t have an extreme weather. That is the reason why a lot of technology companies moved their hosting centers in to Oregon. That will reduce their energy expense. Its true with Koi Pond too.

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