About us

For the Love of Koi, from a koi kichi family

Sumi Promod
Chief Executive Officer

When Promod and I moved to our new home, we build our koi pond. We learned from some expensive and hard mistakes. So we thought we will help others by sharing the things we learn. I do most of the interviews and website updates on Koi TV®. I am also responsible for vendor relationships and advertisement management on Koi TV®.

Koi TV® Crew
Koi TV® or www.koi.tv is the world’s first online koi video website that contains nishikigoi(koi) related videos targeted at nishikigoi(koi) hobbyist. This website is the effort of a family towards the love of koi. We started this effort by publishing http://www.KoiFish.tv and collecting videos and links back in 2007.
We live in Portland, Oregon, and are members of northwest Koi and Goldfish Club. We are thankful for all the people in the koi hobby who have been helping us to learn more about koi. We have a 2,000 gal fenced koi pond in our backyard with 8 koi in it. With kids growing up and limited space, we couldn’t build a new pond in our place. So, we have some koi in some growing places. We like all varieties of Koi. But now at the time, we are writing this, we like Asagi, Goshiki, and Showa.

Promod Antony
Project Manager

Being raised on back of a river, I had an opportunity to deal with some freshwater fishes and aquarium fishes. In my childhood, I always dream of keeping a koi. I never thought I could keep a koi. When we moved to our new home, we got an opportunity to build a pond and keep koi. That was the starting of all these websites. I am the techie guy behind Koi TV®. Apart from technology, I like taking photos and videos.

Nikhil Promod, Nithin Promod, Nidhiya Promod & Nimitha Promod
Jr. Assistants

Our duty in our family business is to take care of each other when mama and papa are doing their work. Occasionally, we become baby sitters to take care of our younger sister when our parents are taking interviews. Sorry, if you heard some of our noise in some interviews. We also learn from attending koi events. We all have individual koi in our pond and in some growing places. Feeding koi at our home is the nicest thing we enjoy in the koi hobby. We also compete with each other feeding our own koi to grow them bigger.