Show Area : 2010 Washington Koi and Watergarden Society Koi Show

December 29, 2020 956 Views

Washington Koi and Watergarden Society Koi Club(WK&WGS) Koi Show 2010 was held in conjunction with Aki Matsuri festival. It was a fun event for us and our kids. We got a chance to see some of the ceremonies during the Aki Matsuri festival. Together with the koi show, there were also many other activities for the childern. There were also vendor display area were they were distributing koi nobori printed hats. Koi TV® also gave away some Koi TV® hats as a promotional item during the show. The vendor booths inside the hall for the Aki Matsuri festival had around 30 to 40 booths. The 19th Annual koi show was held at Bellevue College on September 11-12, 2010.

Video published date on Koi TV® : 10/5/2010

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