2010 3rd annual Shinsaku Kanshokai

December 15, 2020 830 Views

Mitsunori Isa – 09/12/2010 5:25 PM – Today, I would like to introduce the 3rd annual Shinsaku Kanshokai, the show staged by breeders from Nagaoka and Ojiya for this years tosai. Unfortunately, there are little less visitors because of the bad weather. Mr. Imai is here. This is the grand champion, Kohaku, bred by Marushin Koi Farm. It looks so large. This is the 2nd prize, Ginrin Showa, bred by Kawakami Koi Farm from Yamakoshi. This is the 3rd prize, an attractive Doitsu Kohaku, also bred by the same owner as the Ginrin Showa. The awards ceremony is now taking place. This video is published to Koi TV® with special permission from Isa Koi Farm

Video published date on Koi TV® : 9/17/2010

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